Soviet-era Moskvich brand revives by Russia with Chinese model

Advertisement A view of the Russian ‘Mariner’ logo on the Mariner luxury sedan in Saint Petersburg. ( Russia on Wednesday launched production of the Moskvich car brand at a plant near Moscow given up by the French carmaker Renault, with a new, modern Chinese design that barely resembles an earlier model from the late 1970s. … Read more

What Is Mineralogy?

DEFINITION OF MINERAL Mineral is a naturally occurring homogeneous substance with a definite (sometimes variable within certain limits) chemical composition and is commonly characterised by the presence of a typical internal atomic structure with or without the development of external crystalline form. These are usually formed by the inorganic natural processes. For example, quartz, the … Read more

What Is Crystallography?

Crystallography is the branch of science that deals with the study of crystals. It includes the classification of crystals into different systems and classes, their descriptions, study of mathematical relationships existing between different faces in addition to imperfections of crystal growth and crystalline aggregates. The term crystal has been derived from the Greek word krustallos, … Read more

What Is Geomorphology?

The term geomorphology is derived from three Greek words: geo (earth), morph (forms) and logus (science). It is, thus, the science of earth forms or land forms. It is also defined as the interpretative description of the relief features of the earth’s surface. The word physiography was thought to be synonymous of geomorphology and, in … Read more

What Is the Modern Theory of Origin of Earth ?

The origin of the earth not deals with the creation of the matter of which the planets are composed, rather the very appearance of this cosmic matter as a single whole body of conceivable state and form having individual existence. The birth of the planet earth must have been due to some unique phenomenon which … Read more

What Is Called Our Earth?

The most important planet to us is the Earth that distinguishes itself from other heavenly bodies of the solar system in respect of the following facts. (i) It is the largest of the minor or inner group of planets. (ii) The earth, with a radius of about 6400 km and large circumstance of about 40,000 … Read more

What Is the Earth as a Planet?

Earth-The space ship: Artificial spaceships are man-made satellites, spacestations and sky-labs which are launched into the space, where they whirl around the earth. But the earth itself is the natural spaceship like the countless number of celestial bodies, which rotate about in the limitless space. There are more than three thousand artificial satellites orbiting the … Read more