Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.26 Came Now: Adds Road Atlanta And Car Best Features

GT7 has had its fair share of iterations between updates. New cars have been added to the roster as well. But what’s remained constant though, though? That which still works. What about recent additions that have really worked for some people. In the case of Gran Turismo 7, we’ve seen over the years several improvements to the game that have improved gameplay, mechanics, graphics, or accessibility. All of them still work pretty much alike.

It would be nice if they were all perfect and did nothing but work! Well, there is something coming at you! Today we’re going to talk more about GT7 Update 1.26, which will bring many of these little tweaks along and maybe even add one or two new elements from previous versions, including new car sales feature, street racing, and so on–but this won’t really make any difference on your local roads because of course every single build is different. If you want the full details around all of these upgrades, check out our dedicated article below. Read More

And while I can’t say just yet exactly when the GT7 will finally get an official release date, hopefully soon, after all, GT7 will get a whole lot of updates over time—and yes, it will be worth waiting for (I mean, look at all those awesome things going down). You can keep up with everything related to GT7 here:

The Track 1 Racing Mode Experience Finally Arrives

One major change included in GT7 update 1.26 includes better track 1 racing events! Of course, GT7 fans haven’t exactly received anything like this, especially until recently. So perhaps this is something they’ll ask for… As always, expect to see brand new event types coming this year.

This isn’t too crazy to think, especially considering how long it took each version of GT7 to reach today’s version 4.0. At least not yet anyways.

New Street Driving Features Coming To GTA7

As mentioned earlier, GT7 updates are getting their fair share of updates, but one area where GT7 has gotten noticeably better in the last few months is in making driving easier! With new race tracks and various other road races coming to the popular title, including numerous smaller ones, we now have new ways to drive around the world! These changes include faster speeds, larger wheel clearance, steering wheel feedback, adaptive dampers, etc. Yes, there are hundreds other features out there, but you know my point… this stuff makes driving a bit easier compared to before!

The Best Way To Earn Free Cheats On Your Local Roads Right Away

Another great way to keep playing GT7 is to earn free cheats! First off, you should see all five available games in this section: Online; Offline; Arcade; PS5/PS4 Collection; Xbox One/X Collection; Nintendo Switch Collection. There are also some other special offers throughout the list.

For example, players can claim bonus levels across multiple titles by completing challenges or beating certain checkpoints. Plus, you can also take advantage of VIP Rewards and Loyalty Credits if you buy enough cheat codes within a specific amount of time, depending on your account type, location, etc.

New Cars Are Being Added To Each Version Since Last Year! How Do We Get Them?

As everyone knows, it’s not easy to find newer cars in the franchise. They get banned almost instantly, usually because of certain technical issues or safety concerns. However, this may change very soon because Sony is launching an online auction system called ZOOMGAF! ZOOMGAF is basically buying used cars that you can then sell it on, via eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and other similar platforms. While not necessarily illegal per se, don’t expect either sellers or buyers to have clearances, licenses, insurance records, or valid tax IDs, at least in the eyes of regulators.

That said, it could still be a good thing if someone gets caught trying to scam dealers or buyers, and honestly… it’ll surely help to clean up some of the old listings. If interested, you can read up on ZOOMGAF here. Just remember… first things first: do your research on both sellers and buyers.

After all, you wouldn’t want to spend money on fake goods! Here are the best websites to check out for getting your hands on rare or hard-to-find vehicles: AuctionPilot, AutoExpress USA, Dealertrack Europe, Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer, ListDems, Mobile Auction Network,, Sotheby’s International Realty, Stellantis Automobili e, Turnitin, Trulia.

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